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A familiar figure in karate martial art who is known by most of the world champions , coaches and judges in this field , He started doing karate in the year 1988 at the age of11,He is now active in Japan Karate society side of Shihan Masao Kagawa  Director of  japan karate shoto federation and shihan k.saeedi head of Iran JKS. By pursuing his education, he succeeded in achieving industrial management degree. In addition to being a successful champion, he is involved in all fields of this major and has a worthy collection of medals and trophies from international, national and regional competitions. He owes all these achievements to God , his non-stop effort and believing in his abilities. After achieving several championships in different fields, he gained his first national medal in 1992 and after winning championship titles over 9 years, he became a member of Iran karate national team. He had been attending all national and international karate competitions by the year 2008 for 20 years. Beside championship, sensei Abdeyazdan entered judgment field in 1998 and was appointed as an official judge of Iran,s karate federation in 2003 and he is Official International coach and Asian judge from Akf karate-Do federation now . After achieving high ranks of judgment and standing out in this this field , he took on the following responsibilities officially


Coach of Iran,s Army juridical organization

Secretary of judges, committee of Iran,s Japan Karate Shotokan association

Coach and liable of training association in Esfahan province

Secretary of judges, committee of Esfahan province

Member of council and jury of Esfahan province judges